For this project, I redesigned the US Currency based on endangered species that are native to the United States. The currency series consists of seven different animals that are meant to be on the $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills as well as a digital card to go with the series. The animals included in the series, in the order listed, are the Monarch Butterfly, the Giant Sea Bass, the Maui Parrotbill, the Franklin Bumble Bee, the Red Wolf, the Manatee, and the Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frogs. 

A before and after of my initial sketch versus the final design: 

currency-final-rough currency-final-05

With each of these animals being endangered I wanted to make sure to highlight the conservation efforts being done to help save these animals. The front focuses on highlighting the animal itself by having an image of them in the forefront and their name on the side, as well as the United States capitol where laws can be made to help protect these animals. Also included on the front are bold lines that come off of the outline of the capitol and run across the bottom of the bill which acts as a security feature for the bills. Additionally, the front also includes a serial number, signatures of the treasurer and the secretary of the United States, the federal reserve district number, and a banner running across the bottom left corner that says, "United States of America".  The back focuses on the habitat the animal resides and information about the conservation efforts that are being done. Some additional features of the bills are the fact that instead of sticking to the traditional green that is typically known for U.S. currency, they instead all have a different color that correlates with the animal on the bill. There is also braille on each of the bills of those who are visually impaired and may need the extra tell on their money.

Additionally,  printed out the currency sereis and made them into some physical prototypes. Here are some photos showing them off: